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Microlube logoMicrolube metalworking lubrication benefits

Microlube, minimum quantity lubrication or MQL from AML is suitable for milling, drilling, tapping and sawing.

The Microlube system from Advanced Micro Lubrication, provides all the advantages of MQL machining with none of the disadvantages of flood coolant and is particularly suited to a number of aerospace machining operations.

Replacing traditional flood coolant systems, Microlube features an ‘applicator’ unit and pneumatic control to deliver very small amounts of a vegetable-based oil that has no EP additives or chlorine. The lubricant is pumped through a small capillary tube around which an outer tube blows compressed air to effectively ‘splat’ it onto the cutting tool – unlike a spray mist system which atomises much smaller particles of fluid.

microlube unitsThe system can be configured to suit a customer’s requirement.

“Varying the length of the stroke of the pump will control the volume of liquid, while a small frequency generator controls the timing of each pulse,” explains ACT’s Applications Engineer, Karl London.

“A standard consumption for a milling operation is approximately 5ml (or one teaspoon full) per nozzle per hour. Only two teaspoonfuls of liquid are used each hour of cutting time.”

Traditional flood coolants are generally 5 - 10% soluble oil mixed with water, and work by dissipating the heat with the sheer volume of liquid passing the cutting area. AML have found that by applying a thin film of neat vegetable oil to the cutting edge, the friction generated in the cut is significantly reduced, as is the heat and tool wear. Other clear benefits include better surface finish, dry swarf, cleaner working conditions and NO disposal costs. 

 Mr. London added:-

“BAE Systems adopted the Microlube system after experiencing chips trapped in the pockets of wing ribs during machining. The company rolled it out to other sites and applications having first used it at its ship and submarine pipe shops where the guttering effect of using flood coolant during the sawing of pipes had meant a horrendously messy operation.”

The Microlube system is ideal for any metal cutting/forming application including milling, drilling, tapping and sawing.

Advanced Microlubrication Ltd are part of the ACT Group.