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Safecut metalworking micro-lubricant product range

Safecut metalworking lubrication from AML for milling, drilling, tapping and sawing.

Safecut was a natural progression for AML, following 5 years of selling Micro-lube applicators in the UK, we had many requests from customers wishing to take advantage of the benefits of Micro-lubrication, but where an applicator was not justified.

Safe Cut logoSafecut metalworking lubrication aerosolAerosol or can?
In 1994 AML took the same Microlube oil used in the applicators, and made it available for customers in two ways - an aerosol can, or a small “squeezy” bottle for ease of application.

Safecut is supplied in non-flammable, non CFC aerosols and plastic bottles of a convenient size for the end user.

It is suitable for many applications in workshops as well as being invaluable to service and maintenance engineers.

This enables Safecut to be used anywhere it’s needed, with hand tools, small stand alone machines, drilling, tapping, reaming or on site. Our customers have commented on how clean it is compared to similar products and how tool life is extended and surface finish improved when compared to cutting dry.

Safecut is always ex-stock and available in either a case of 12 x 400ml aerosol cans or 12 x 250ml “squeezy” bottles, through our network of distributors, or alternatively direct from AML.