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Microlube metalworking lubrication applicators

Customers are able to benefit from AML applicators in a number of specialist applications including sawing, milling, drilling, tapping, reaming, swaging and pipe manipulation.

This is because AML applicators are custom built around each particular customer’s requirements.

The basic mechanics of a Microlube applicator are as follows:-

  • Neat Microlube oil is held in a reservoir on top of the Applicator. It is fed by gravity into the pneumatic pumps below.

  • The pump forces a metered amount of oil down the 3mm capillary tube, which in turn runs coaxially through the middlemicrolube unit of an air hose, finishing 50 mm short of the end of the nozzle.

  • As a droplet of oil reaches the end of the capillary tube it is picked up by the passing air flow and splattered onto cutting edge.

The applicator is a pneumatic system needing between 80 – 150psi to operate. The operation is controlled by an actuator, most commonly an N/C solenoid that opens and switches the applicator on when it receives a signal from the host machine. Other types of control actuator such as foot pedal or remote toggle switch are available.

Three different size reservoirs are available and are selected based on the number of pumps/nozzles used in the applicator.

Three types of flexible hose are available, with 8mm dia. nylon or 13mm reinforced nylon for most standard applications, or 13mm dia. steel braided hose for hostile/abrasive environments. The hoses are cut to specific lengths required, in each application.

Nozzles are available in various lengths to suit requirements, and are either rigid copper or steel pipe clamped in position, or as a segmental plastic pipe which is both re-positionable and normally magnetically mounted for convenience.

The applicator can either be permanently mounted via the 4 mounting holes in the back of the unit, or fitted with magnets, which when ordered with magnetically mounted nozzles giving a portable unit that can be moved from machine to machine.