Fluid Coolant users in a mess?
Traditional flood coolant could cost your company in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, staff safety and environmental risk.
AML's Microlube® and Safe Cut®
allow you to really clean up.


Microlube® is the safe, clean, MQL system for all metalworking operations.

It enables clean, high quality, efficient production whilst providing health, safety and environmental benefits.




The most advanced metalworking lubricant available.

It causes no skin irritation, is fully biodegradable and non toxic. Safe Cut® is concentrated and long lasting.




Microlube® lubrication systems bring 21st century standards to metalworking lubrication.

Safe Cut® metalworking lubricant is the ideal low-mess environmentally friendly answer to all metalworking lubrication problems.





BAE Systems avoid chips with everything.
Trapped chips in the pockets of wing ribs during manufacturing is now a thing of the past.