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BAE Systems avoid chips with everything.

Trapped chips in the pockets of wing ribs during manufacturing is now a thing of the past.

The Micolube system from AML has solved a long-standing problem for BAE Systems involving the trapping of chips in wing ribs during manufacturing.

Jet engine Advanced Carbide ToolingWith cutting friction being removed at source by the Microlube system and little heat generated, the results are longer tool life and better surface finish, in addition to the health and safety and cost benefits.

Of particular interest in high metal removal aerospace applications are the ensuing dry swarf, which is easier to manage, and the compressed air’s ability to effectively evacuate chips.

“This has been of particular use in the machining of wing ribs where 80% of the material will be turned into swarf,” explained ACT’s Sales Director, Craig Wieland.

“BAE Systems adopted the Microlube system after experiencing chips trapped in the pockets of wing ribs during machining.

"The company rolled it out to other sites and applications having first used it at its ship and submarine pipe shops where the guttering effect of using flood coolant during the sawing of pipes had meant a horrendously messy operation.”

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