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Oxford University benefit from incredibly reliable AML metalworking lubrication applicator

Microlube metalworking lubrication from AML is suitable for milling, drilling, tapping and sawing.

A call from the head of the department of Earth Sciences, Oxford University was made, requesting a visit from an Advanced Micro-Lubrication service engineer.

The reason? One of the two pumps in the applicator needed replacing - a mere twenty years after the previous service!

The rest of the applicator was working well: the pump was replaced and Earth Sciences were up and running again in no time.

Safecut metalworking lubrication aerosolApplicator life extended by AML lubricants

AML have long since been convinced of the robust, reliable nature of the applicators - particularly when used with the recommended Advanced Micro-Lubrication lubricants, which in themselves help to greatly extend the life of the units.

Which just goes to show - if the recommended Advanced Micro-Lubrication lubricants are used, an AML applicator will give many, many years loyal service.

Perhaps a slightly more frequent service interval would be advisable....

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