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About Advanced Microlubrication Systems

AML has helped hundreds of customers overcome the health hazards and production problems associated with flood coolant and greatly increased tool life and reduced manufacturing costs.

Jet engine Advanced Carbide ToolingInstallations include the aerospace industry where many of the toughest machining conditions are experienced and the automotive industry where costs are calculated to fractions of a penny.

AMLs team of engineers all have detailed product knowledge.

Advanced Carbide Tooling
AML's parent company, Advanced Carbide Tooling, have been providing tools for thousands of customers in the demanding industries of aerospace, F1 Racing, oil, defence and medical applications since the early 1980s.
World class products

ACT provide a unique range of carbide cutting tool solutions from Dieterle, Mircona, Nine9, Combidex and Metal Master to satisfy requirements not covered by the major manufacturers. Where further gaps are found, for example, small diameter parting off applications, ACT manufacture their own unique tooling ranges ACT2.2 and Microcut.