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Meeting the demands of aerospace, oil, defence and medical applications.

Mircona machine tools at Advanced Carbide ToolingACT recognise the technical complexity of choosing the right tool for todays ever more complicated turned part designs.

Whether the job be a small bore, deep face groove, troublesome thread or the problem is slow feed or high tooling costs we will have an answer.

World Class Products
ACT have put together a unique range of tooling solutions from Nine9, Dieterle, Mircona, Combidex, and Metal Master to satisfy requirements not covered by the major manufacturers.

Where further gaps are found, for example, small diameter parting off applications ACT manufacture their own unique tooling range (ACT2.2 and Microcut).

If the standard insert cutting geometries are not correct for the application ACT provide a speedy modification service.

ACT Group logoMetal cutting tooling solutions
Our range includes Mircona, Dieterle, Combidex, ACT 2.2 System, Microcut and Metal Masters covering all grooving, parting-off, groove-turning, threading and face milling applications using indexable insert technology.

Metal cutting lubricants offered are Safecut, Microlube and Unilube all guaranteeing non-toxic, biodegradable vegetable based lubricants.

Machine types: CNC Swiss sliding head, CNC lathes, CNC turning centres, bar fed automatics, manual milling machines, CNC milling machines.

Applications: Turning, boring, grooving, groove turning, threading, parting off, profiling, chamfering, spotting, engraving and face milling.

Ferrous, non ferrous, stainless steel, acid & heat resistant alloys and many others.

Nine9 - drills and cutters

 For more information about Advanced Carbide Tooling's range of Nine9 drills and cutters, please visit our ACT Nine9 drills and cutters web site.

"Thanks for your help regarding dovetail face grooving in 316 ST/ST. Tooling costs are 5% cheaper and cycle time using Mircona tips modified by yourselves is down from 1 hour to 20 minutes. Quality and repeatability is also excellent compared to previous methods."
Ian John, Smiths Fittings.

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