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Microlube® XP metalworking lubrication awarded full GMAP approval by Ford Europe

Following an enquiry from Bentley Motors of Crewe regarding their use of Microlube® XP, the cutting oil was put forward for extensive testing at the Ford Motor Company’s toxicology department in Brentwood.

Bentley car  GMap approval for Microlube from FordAdvanced Micro-Lubrication is happy to announce that Microlube® XP met all of the Health & Safety criteria and has been awarded full GMAP approval for Ford Europe.

Toxicology no. 180272

Microlube® brings 21st century standards to metalworking lubrication:-

• It is applied in small, precise quantities which are completely consumed by the machining process

• Lubrication performance is excellent, increasing tool life and feed rates and improving tolerances and surface finish

• Components and swarf are clean and dry, and there is no waste to dispose of

• It is vegetable-based non-toxic and non-allergenic

• Only small quantities need to be stored and handled.

Advanced Micro-Lubrication Ltd are part of the ACT Group.

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